This collection was started and is maintained by Mark Sapiro. The first group of cue sheets below are his.

If you wish to contribute to this collection, e-mail Mark.

Note: This collection is maintained for ride planning purposes. These routes are not intended to represent the route of any particular scheduled GPC ride. Even if it appears that one of these routes may be the route of a particular scheduled GPC ride, and even if the leader of such a ride is the author of the cue sheet found here, unless the leader specifically referred you here for a cue sheet, do not assume that the route here will be the route of the scheduled ride.

Rides in the following lists have been led as part of the GPC Novice and Century Prep Ride Series. These may give a rough idea of what a planned Series ride might be like, but current Series rides may differ substiantially from these routes.

Past Novice Series Rides

Alameda Creek Trail
Tour de Alameda
Roundhill Loop
Out in the Country
Franklin Canyon and Carquinez Scenic Drive
Central Marin Redwoods

Past Century Prep Series Rides

Roundhill Loop (warmup)
SPDR and Wildcat (warmup)
Tunnel Road and Pinehurst (warmup)
The Bears and a Bit
East Bay Hills
Three Small Walls
Embarcadero, Headlands, and Tiburon
Century, South Loop, from Orinda BART
St Marys, Danville, Norris Canyon, Redwood Loop
Bovine Lasso
Mr Morgan Meets the Devil

Each ride listing consists of a brief description and a rating. The rating consists of a number from 1 to 5 indicating hilliness (see the ratings page for definitions) followed by the mileage. No pace rating is provided as pace is up to you.

The listing is followed by a sub-list of links to the sheets themselves in various formats. If you have need of a sheet in a format which isn't listed, e-mail Mark and he may be able to provide one. Note that in some cases you may have to instruct your browser to download a link rather than just selecting it. Also note that if you use Microsoft Excel, there are add-ins available to enable Excel to read and write Open Document format files.

The title or initial words of each individual listing is a link to that point on this page. This is useful if you want to link to a specific ride.

From here on, sheets have been contributed by others.

From Ann Lehr.

The next batch is from Anthony Kosky. The comments below are his.

From Ben Lukas and Sherie Reineman.

From Bev French.

From Bill King and Mike Briggs.

From Brian Aldrich.

Brian has a web site at which has route sheets for many of his rides including possibly updated versions of the following.

From Bruce Berg.

From David Block.

From Debbie Miskell

From Emily Kenyon.

From Eric Rydman.

From Ivan Peterson.

From Jane Bailowitz.

From JAZ Zaitlin.

From Jeff Kurtock.

From Jim Scott.

From Jim Thompson.

From Joan Reinhardt Reiss

From John Buenfil.

From Jorge Liderman.

From Karen Street.

From Ken Karda.

From Kurt Doelling.

From Kurt Doelling and Sherie Reineman.

From Lewis Nusgarten.

From Lisa-Susan McPhate.

From Mark Abrahams.

The next batch of sheets is from Mike DeMicco covering his Tour de Napa series.

From Nan Langen Steketee, John Buenfil and Scott Steketee.

From Nancy Whitlatch and Grace Cassel.

From Pat Greene.

From Pat Greene and Chris Witt with help from Bob Coble.

From Phil Morton.

From Rich Fisher.

From Rob Hawks.

From Steve Lombardi.

From Steven Louie.

From Susan Jacobson.

From Toshi Takeuchi.

Al Forkosh has made a large number of sheets available in PDF format. In order to view these sheets, you will need the free Acrobat Reader program from Adobe Systems. (If you are downloading the reader, be sure to get a version with the search feature.)

Al has also provided a zip archive containing all the sheets plus the index and helper files needed to search the sheets with the Acrobat search feature.

If you don't have a utility to expand zip archives, free expanders are available.