Russ Fairles has created the following maps for use by club members. They show the most popular bike roads and connecting routes, plus mileages and BART stations -- and omit extraneous roads. You may download and use them provided that you retain his attribution information. All are in Microsoft PowerPoint format: you will need PowerPoint to open and use them.

Alex's Second Saturday Ride. Shows the Larghetto, Allegro, and all three Presto routes.

Berkeley Area Master Map. Base map for rides in the Berkeley-Oakland hills: north to the Bears, east to Lafayette, and south to the Oakland Zoo.

East Bay Master Map, North. Base map for rides in the East Bay: north to the Carquinez Strait, east to Morgan Territory, and south to Pleasanton.

East Bay Master Map, South. Base map for rides in the East Bay: Dublin, Livermore, Del Puerto, Mt. Hamilton.

Zip file with all four maps. For easier, faster downloading.

When using PowerPoint to print the maps for photocopying, I have found the following settings work best (controlled from within the Print dialog box):

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